About Me

This is my 26th year as an educator.  I spent twelve years in the classroom teaching a variety of grades from 1st to 4th.  The last 14 years, I have been a Curriculum Facilitator in an elementary school where I help teachers meet the needs of all their students.  In my job, I get the privilege of watching great teaching every day.  I help teacher's problem solve and develop interventions for struggling students as well as enrichment for gifted students.

At home my husband and I have five wonderful children.  While our life is never quiet, it is truly an adventure.  I love traveling and really enjoy planning vacations and local camping trips for my family.  I enjoy creating teaching resources because it lets me be creative and I can make a difference for students in my school and beyond.  Blogging has become another creative outlet and it gives me a chance to connect with other teachers.  What can be better than being a teacher who gets the chance to support other teachers!

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